The Best Selling 2 Way Bag

What's Yozora?

Since its launch in 2015, the best-selling 2-way bag "Yozora" has been well received by many customers. "Yozora" was born by Eriko Yamaguchi, a designer who travels between the producing and selling countries of Motherhouse, and was inspired by "the sky that spreads equally and beautifully no matter where you are."  Even if you say the night sky in a bite, the colors and expressions that change from moment to moment are expressed in high-quality glossy leather.

2 Way Bag

The appeal of "yozora" is its functionality, which allows you to switch between one-shoulder and backpack in an instant. When you work, make it one-shoulder to be formal. When you go home or hang out, you can easily move with your backpack open. No matter what your lifestyle, you will always be there for the best purpose.


In response to customer feedback, we have been developing new colors, limited-quantity colors, and various sizes, but this time we are fully prepared to offer a customized service for "yozora". Please choose the color combination, size (M / L), and pocket specifications that suit your lifestyle, and create your own unique yozora.