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Berry Facet

│For Couples

The 144 hand-cut surfaces on this gem gives it a three-dimensional reflex surface that is dazzling in any light.

Amethyst is not only the February birthstone, but also the "guardian stone of love" symbolizing loyalty and courage.

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Itoshi Necklace

│Love Confession

The pink and rose gems accentuates a loving, romantic atmosphere!

Pink tourmaline can enhance love and improve relationships. Rose garnet symbolizes loyalty, happiness and eternal love.

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Hikari Necklace

│A Friendship Like Love

Inspired by our sun to give courage to tackle a new day. This is the perfect gift for a friend that has always been there for you.

Topaz is the "Stone of Friendship" and symbolizes sincerity, kindness and happiness.

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Naked Ruby Collection

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Kobana & Inoriha Barcelet

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